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Max-OT v. Bill Starr v. Other

I am finishing up with alwyn cosgroves programs outlined here

I have seen amazing gains and want to continue.

My goals are to increase size and strength, with emphasis on size.

Which one is better. Bill Starr is linear periodization to boost strength but is relatively small selection of excercises and I think I would have to reset the program several times, I believe i need more size to boost my strength right now. Max-Ot says that you will get huge gains in size as well as strength because it is using a low rep range.

which one would be better for gaining size as well as throwing around a ton of weight?


A one hour bump?


So let me get this straight. You had amazing gains on Cosgrove’s program.

And you want to change to something else?

I’m confused. When I make amazing gains, I stick with that program until I plateau. And then I alternate lifts/grips/angles and milk everything out of that program until I really don’t make gains.

I was just in the mood for a routine that mixes up some excercises. Starting to get stale and feels like the squatting & deadlifting frequency is starting to strain my lower back

Neither is “better”.

Just take a deload week and keep at it


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ha figured 2 places would generate more answers that one lol. but both have seemed to not produce very many. where topics such as “IM A NEWB AND WANNA GET HUGE AND KEEP SIX PACK WHILE NOT EATING” get 500 replies

You get out of a program what you put into it.

The best program, is the one you WILL DO.

As corny as that is, it’s true. If you can’t decide, then flip a coin and then adhere to that program and tear shit up.

Trying out different things does help you progress, to a point though. So don’t go overboard with drastically changing everything all the time.

I used to do that, and got zero progress. Once I started keeping it simple, I got results.

Little variation : Good
Lots of variation: Bad