Max OT Routine Questions

I just started Max OT and made it through my first week and really liked it. My only question is, I see conflicting info on what the actually routines are. On their website, they take you through a 5 day split that starts with legs on Mondays and ends with chest on Fridays. And then I see on other peoples posts about starting with chest on Monday, back on Friday, etc.

I was going to follow it exactly as outlined on their website, but I didn’t understand where people are posting different workouts. Max OT always talks about about following it pretty much to the letter. Also, it seems the order of exercises changes in weeks 5-8 and 9-12, so that it might be chest on a Friday of week 4 and the chest on a Monday of week 5 or something like that which goes against the 5-7 days of rest between body parts. So I was just hoping someone might be able to clarify it just to insure I’m following it correctly.

just did a quick google search and found the guide lines for max-ot training, from what i gather there isn’t really a template so much as a general methodology.

Limit each workout session to 30-40 minutes.
Work 1-2 muscle groups per session.
Perform 6-9 total heavy sets per muscle group.
Perform 4-6 reps (to concentric failure) per set for (almost) every exercise.
Take 2-3 minutes to rest after each set.
Allow 5-7 days of rest before working the same muscle group.
Take 1 full week off after every 8-10 weeks of training.

here is a simple one i though up up in 2 minutes, this aint difficult.

day 1 chest-tris
incline bench press 4x4-6
flat db or hammer strength press 3x4-6
dips 3x4-6 (i guess this could count as abit of both chest and tricep work)
tricep extensions 3x8-10 (4-6 seems like it would cause elbow pain in alot of people)

day 2 back-bis-abs
barbell rows 4x4-6
reverse grip pull downs 3x4-6
rack deads 2x4-6 or if your already drained after the first exercises then go cable or hammer strength rows 2x6-8
barbell curls 4x4-6
reverse curls 3x6-8
2 ab exercises done for 3-4 sets each

day 3 legs
back squat 4x4-6
lunges 2x6-8
leg extensions 3x8-10
leg curls seated or standing 4x6-8
SLDL 2x4-6 (focus on a good stretch and maintain good form, this will be hard as it is the last exercise)

day 4 delts+traps+calves
overhead press 3x4-6
side raises 2x8-10
face pulls 2x8-10
shrugs 4x4-6
2 calve exercises done 3 sets each

simple then after 4 weeks just alternate some exercises or change the order… you could train hams first instead of quads for example or do all your shoulder raise variations before you do your press. just use your head man this shit really isnt that complicated!

Do whatever you found on their website since that’s obviously the official program.

AST Max OT started wit legs on Monday because most people in the gym start with upper body. As stated in the program the leg machine would have no waiting in the gym. It doesn’t matter which exercise you start with.