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Max-OT Questions

Hi all,

I been a frequent reader for this site and bb.com, learned tons of information about nutrition and suppliment, earlier I did muay thai for 3-4 years but decided to go over to lifting weights instead.

I joined a 12-week lose weight build lean muscle competition so started to lift weights, did high reps and 30s rest interval between sets and high volume (15-18sets), I cut down to much of my calorie intake (800kcal below my maintenance) same time increasing the cardio (fasted cardio for 30mins everyday), went into fatique really fast, and got sick.

I took a break from training for 3-4 days and upped my daily intake again to 2800 kcal and started to read more about training programs (max-ot 12 week online lessons) and overtraining, started with Max-Ot instead, heavy training with low volume and longer rest periods, I’m not tired anymore and feel good and strong now, learned my lesson!!!

Some more information about me:
Male 32 years
Height: 186cm / 6.1"
Weight: 87.7Kg / 193lb.
Fat%: 23.2

at the moment i eat carbs/protein/fat / 300/250/50 - 2650 kcal, 150kcal below maintenance.

I just started with Max-OT last week and i feel reborned since i like to lift heavy, this will be my first MAX-OT cycle, Week 1-4 starts today, will train hard eat good and follow-up gains.

Now comes to my questions here, the MAX-OT original schedule below for legs.

Legs Squats 3 x 4 to 6
Leg Press 2 x 4 to 6
Stiff Leg Deadlift 2 x 6
Standing Machine Calf Raises 3 x 6 to 8
Seated Calf Raises 2 x 6 to 8

Since my gym in the company doesnt have a leg press nor calf machines, this isn’t an option for me or could i use any other way?

We do have leg curls and leg extension but they are not allowed in max-ot schedule which i intend to follow. so I did like this instead, increase the squat sets to 5 instead of 3 (not included my first 3 warmup sets).

Week 1-4:
Monday / legs
squats 5 x 4-6
SLD 2 x 6

tuesday / Chest & forarms
incline BB press 3 x 4-6
flat BB press 3 x 4-6
decline BB press 1 x 4-6
BB wrist curls 2 x 6-8
DB wrist curls 2 x 6-8

Question: This 4 weeks the weights is enough but later on the DB bench press both flat and incline, decline will come, but that 50lb is to light for overload, so should i just keep doing the BB bench press, we got some machines but kinda useless, like a push-press machine with just 200lb and someother flies machine.

Wednesday / back & traps (question: why put deadlift almost last, biggest muscle and the one i can overload most, and just 2 sets?)

BB rows 2 x 4-6
V-bar pulldowns 2 x 4-6
lats pull 2 x 4-6 (lats pull are wide or narrow grip, pulldowns)?
Seated cable rows 1 x 4-6, dont have this equipment but the gym have a machine
deadlift 2 x 4-6
BB shrugs 1 x 4-6

Thursday / Shoulder & triceps
#Seated DB press 3 x 4-6, my gym dont have enough DB weight for this one, just 50lb, so i’ve a concern for the overload factor. the only thing my company have i could do is military press with a barbell, have weights to 330lb so its ok and a machine for doing shoulder presses.

Question: (should i vary between the military BB presses (seated, standing) and the shoulder machine or just do more set for the military BB press.

Military BB press 2 x 4-6
Standing side lateral DB 2 x 4-6
lying triceps ext. 2 x 4-6, this one killed my triceps last week! :slight_smile:
cable-pushdowns 2 x 4-6
one-arm overhead press 1 x 4-6

Friday / Biceps & ABS
BB curls 2 x 4-6
Hammercurls 2 x 4-6 (now i just can use 40lb for this one, but soon the 50lb will not be enough, so i guess have to exchange this one later on)
E-Z bar curls 1 x 4-6
Leg raises 2 x 12-15
Cable rope crunches 1 x 4-6

thanks for all help i can get! If you guys come to shanghai let me know :slight_smile: