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Max OT or Fully Body Workout


I've worked out off and on over the years recently had done max ot for 12 weeks and ripptoes off and on, and need some advice as to what to do next.. I'm 26 yrs old, 6'4 about 205, have 24% bf, can bench 220 5 times, squat 260, and deadlift at least 325 5 times..

I have long skinny arms and legs, a pot belly, and some decent muscles when I flex along with a decent level of strength..

What program should I do next. My goals are to build strength, and add a lot more size, while losing the pot belly. I was leaning toward max ot for at least 6 months while doing cardio, or going hard on ripptoes to increase strength faster. THoughts?


This fancy program called:

"actually be consistent for a couple years at a time, get stronger, and don't eat like a jackass"

That will be $19.95.

Thank you, come again.


inb4 5/3/1

Edit: Actually, though, it's quite a good program. Worth getting the e-book anyway.


If you want to lose fat adjust your diet. If you want strength do Rippetoe's , but if you want to look like a "bodybuilder" do Max OT. I hear its great for strength too.