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Max-OT + Hypertrophy Added On?

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Hey Guys! thank you for replies!

Okey, I know it sounds like big confusing, and I’m making it more worse out than it should be! I have absolutely no doubt the program will definitely work out! even though I do strength gains, I know my muscles will be “popped” out, but there is a reason why there is hypertrophy I kinda miss in the workout plan! I want my body to be more “popped”!

I can run this program for 8 weeks, and do the deload. for the 4th week, and start fresh again.

I have done Wendler 5/3/1, and some other programs before, and I know how it works, but like I said… maybe I’m making big fuzz out of it. It’s just that I want to have the “perfect” program for 8 weeks! “Time is money” like everybody is saying, so I want to put best effort out of it!

My goal? To look bigger like a bodybuilder, having more mature body look, and increase strength at the same time.

That’s why I’m kinda concern if the Max-OT is beneficial for my need, since there is no hypertrophy, just pure raw power strength involved![/quote]

for the 3rd time max-ot is a hypertrophy program. just because it doesnt have high reps doesnt mean you wont get growth. if you dont want to do it then dont.[/quote]

Exactly, Max-OT is designed to be a HYPERTROPHY program! Look at Jeff Willet, Skip Lacour, or Kevin Frasard for examples of people who built their physiques with Max-OT. If that’s not enough hypertrophy for you, then do a different program, don’t mess with a program that already works as is.