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Max OT and Ideas for Growth?

Paul you mentioned before that you used to train with the Max OT principles. I’ve done that in the past and had pretty good results from it.

What are your likes and dislikes about that program?

I still implement some of the principles but I’ve been adding rest pause sets instead of 6 to 9 total sets per body part and feel I get pretty good results now in less time.


I didn’t like the fact that they believed that progressive overload was the “only” way to grow. That was nonsense. I also think that sets of 4-6 are hard to recover from, and the one study we saw where guys did sets of 3’s compared to sets of 10, showed that. I think using some sets of 4-6 on a compound movement AFTER you’ve done some pre-exhaustive work isn’t a bad idea, but opening up the training session with heavy sets of 4-6? Nope. Not for me.

Ok thanks for the response!
I was getting worn down when I did it so that makes sense