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Max Numbers for This Past Week


I just graduated high school where I played football. I am trying to put up some bigger numbers in 8 weeks. I am 6"0 210 and these were my maxed lifts.
Bench- 295 pounds
Squat- 415 pounds
Deadlift- 385 pounds
Power clean- 270 pounds
Extras I did
40 yard dash- 4.81
OH press- 185 pounds


Um ok? Are you sure your posting in the correct place? Do you want a specific question answered?


To be fair, the OP originally posted this in training logs.


Ok …I figured that it might have been a mistake.


Relatively weak deadlift, but good bench and squat. Is this supposed to be a log or something?


You might still be right, it’s hard to tell what this is.


We get that a lot around here.


But in all reality I do need a plan that could generate more power but as well lean out. I want to shed this last layer of fat. Originally I switched all my main lifts to 5x8 and my auxillary to 3 sets at 10-12 reps. Was wondering if anyone had a better method?


Sorry about the last thing


Leaning out is 95% diet.

Keep training like you are, or maybe with higher frequency, increase cardio, decrease calories.


This. Changing rep schemes will have very minimal effect on your leanness.

I get the feeling you’re also slightly unsure of what you want. In a few posts on here you’ve already expressed a desire to lean out, gain power and gain top end strength, all in 8 weeks.


Well my diet is changing significantly and has been, but I would like to lean out lose a little bit off my maxes, then develop power afterward. I am hoping to cut 10 pounds.


Sorry to all I did not mean to put in training logs forum lol


Do you mean to say you want to lose strength or am I misunderstanding something?


What has it changed from/to? This will be key to leaning out.


I think OP is looking for a training plan to help preserve strength while shedding a little weight, if I’m reading this correctly. Seems to be making changes to his diet to cover the weight loss portion.


Yes! just wondering if anyone had any tips


5/3/1, Westside for Skinny Bastards, Juggernaut, all pretty excellent training plans for a young athlete.


thank you