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Max muscular weight predictor

What do you guys think about this formula?


I hope it’s accurate because I’m getting some nice results haha. Your estimated maximum muscular bodyweight at ~6% bodyfat is: 236.3 lbs

That thing is crap. It says I’ll be about 170 at when at 5% or 189 at 12% or something like that. Meanwhile I’m 230 at 12% right now.

My max is 191 at 8%.

I think it’s fairly accurate. Obviously there is going to be some margin of error, as MMW is, like any other aspect of bodybuilding, pretty individual. I would say this is within 10 pounds. A nice jumping off point.

I don’t have a tape measure here at work, so I just went with a guesstimate of my wrist/ankle size. And with that:

147.6 pounds at 10% (and 5'4"). Yeah, babeee....I can be a BEEG gal.

My mistake. It puts me at 226lbs at 10%, so I guess it’s fairly accurate. Does that mean I can’t grow anymore? LOL

Seems pretty accurate to me. I actually think it’s overshooting my potential somewhat, so it must right on for some of us!

Seems to me that it’s overshooting a bit. My max bodyweight at 10% bodyfat is 255lbs on 5’9". At my highest bodyweight i was 242lbs with around 12-14% bodyfat. The heaviest I’ve been at 10% (9.2%actually) is 223lbs.

Casey puts a lot of work on what he does and that calculator is no diferent.

My predictions were 205 pounds at 10%, but I already exceeded some measurments, for example, my legs measuraments are almost an inch above.

It won’t be perfectly accurate but it’s a good tool to establish realistic goals if you’re natural.

I find it hard to believe that at 5’8" and 10% BF, my genetic potential is 174.5 lbs. If that’s the case, I haven’t got much to look forward to.

It says my max BW @ 5’9" and 8% bf should be 188.5 lbs (wrist 7, ankle 9), but at 8% bf I’m over 200 lbs. Go figure.

Not much. First, I have a hard time believing that anyone knows their body-fat level within 10+% of the measured value. 10% (9 or 11) 20% (18 or 22) Second, aren’t things such as shoulder (bony structure) width more predictable of a range, and femur size. third, muscle belley length on the large muscles.

So, I guess I’m limited to 215 lbs at 8% body fat. I’m 6’3". Not much to look forward to. I’m 200 now. Like anything else, it’s an interesting tool, but I’m not going to let it mentally limit my future, because I see 225-235 in my future.

i like it. it put me at 207 at 6%bf for 5’9". I definitely think its for the natural athelete. I hit 215 on androgens.
You should also read the article by clicking on the link. I am small framed with big bones. It all depends on your genetics. laters pk

I guess i’ll be reaching my genetic potential by Jan/ feb next year of 193lbs, 8% BF. That’s no fun! I hope it’s wrong!. NOTE: My 6 bottles of Methoxy 7 came in the post the other day. I’m preparing some personal stats and nutritional planning, before I go ahead, so I can see how double dosing will impact me.

Actually, there’s a link on the given site that answers many of your questions.

what branch of military intelligence were you in? It was the name that gave you away. I’ll look at the links.

As of this morning I’m already 10lbs over what it predicts for my size…after reading the link on that page though, I guess I can see that it might be somewhat useful if you’re just starting out.

I’m afraid I dont know what you are talking about. At no point in my life have I ever had anything to do with either the military or intelligence :P~ haha