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Max Muscle


Anyone use max muscle supplements? They seem to be very overpriced to me.


If you are talking about the store then yes they are expensive like GNC. But what I heard that this weekend they are having some huge special going on, and having Tito Ortiz at the Lincoln store.


Word on the street is that a couple max muscles around here have a "special" section in the back for the more serious customers.


it's true, i've walked into one and saw a dude getting a needle stuck in his ass. this was years ago but it freaked me the hell out because i had no idea what was going on.


They are expensive and their pricing scheme is ridiculous- I always look at a high inflated price tag and then they tell you they will give you 25% off and its still expensive.

I quit going to the blowout sales as there was no difference between the cost on those days verse the cost on any other day.