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Max Muscle Program or Max Strength/Muscle Program?


I’m going to buy one of your books on thibarmy.com today, but before I do I wanted to know what the differences were between the Maximum muscle book and the Maximum strength/muscle book?

Especially the difference between how the main lifts are set up. That will help me make my decision. My goal is to get big but I also want to get my bench back up to 315.

Thank you


These are not book, they are programs. The book is maximum muscle bible


Ok. Well before I buy one of the programs can you tell me the differences, like I said with the main lifts and how the workouts are designed?


Really looking to buy the strength program today if someone could just give me a little more info on it before I spend 67 dollars on it


Lets play a matching game, ok? Heres your stated goal:

And, here’s the description from coach Thibs’ site:

  1. If your main goal is to get bigger and more muscular, but you’re what we call a “hard gainer”, this is the program for you. It is designed to put muscle on even the hardest of gainers and will certainly work for you!

  2. This is the ultimate combination for the natural trainee with average genetics desiring both muscle and strength gains.

  3. This is the program for those wanting to get lean and muscular. It combines energy systems/conditioning work and muscle mass stimulation to get you the look you want.

Choose a program based on your goal, THEN trust the coach knows what he is doing when he created the program!


Just ordered the strength program. Im glad it had added hypertrophy with it