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Max Muscle Layering

Anybody still use this system? It looks like the feedback from 5 years ago was really good. For those that do/did use it; the bench pressing is from pins, does that also include the ramp to your RM for the day? or is that from full ROM?

I was just about to post a thread “Layers 3.0” or something, revisiting the best (gains for me at least) program and putting some ideas out to see what coach thinks.

Rest pause / cluster kind of work on one movement really hits the spot…

I’m doing a less “intense” (less volume) version of this using an antagonistic split (vert push/pull, horizontal push/pull) with one exercise out of the two “layered”. Day 2 legs/arms, day 3 off and repeat

Ramp up is a wave load (8/6/4 or 5/4/3/2/1 etc.), back off 1-2 cluster sets only. Then hit a 20 rep max stim set (do 15-20 reps with 10 RM, abbreviated single reps). Then a pump out

The alternate pairing is just straight volume work (5x5 or 4x8 etc).

Hope we hear some new thoughts from coach on the Layerz

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Yeah I wasnt sure if it was something thats still recommended or not . . seemed really popular 5-6 years ago.

I was going to do a hybrid of sorts:
Day 1 - Incline bench layers + 1 or 2 assistance exercises (e.g. lateral raises & face-puls
Day 2 - 5/3/1 Front squat + a widowmaker set of back squats with the top set of the front squats + 1 assistance exercise
Day 3 - SGHP layers + 1 assistance exercise (e.g. pull-ups)
Day 4 - rest
Day 5 - Pin press layers from about eye level + tricep assistance
Day 6 - Farmer carries + some sandbag loading
Day 7 - rest

Going to experiment and see what happens

are u doing any of the sets to failure or not ? what you mean : ‘abbreviated single reps’ ?
thank you

maybe close to technical failure but not ball busting grinders. the clusters usually stop when i knwo next rep might be iffy.

the abbreviated single reps means pause in between every rep. basically clusters, but done at higher rep count. so say you can do 10 pullups with perfect form (in one set). rather than do it continuously, do 1…wait a few seconds…then 2…few sec…then 3…once you get to around 10-12…rest maybe 20-30 seconds…etc. until 15-20. Idea is to hit 15-20 “disjointed” with your 10RM.

Curious to hear Coach’s opinion on this style of “rest pause”

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**Max muscle layering to me means building perpetual pumps / high tension (moderate-heavy weight) on a big movement…and layering and layering until the balloon (muscles) get super engorged.

Swear this stuff is like magic! (even for natural trainees)

3x10, typical straight sets stuff don’t work for me anymore (sarcasm? lol)