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Max lifts

Hey everyone, i’ve been a follower of this site for a while, but this is my first post. I wouldn’t usually post but i see a lot of people are putting their lifts up here for some added motivation and advice, so i figure i could benefit from the same.
Me and my buddies tested our max bench squat and deadlift last friday. Here are my numbers:

Bench: 265
Squat: 410
Deadlift: 455

Im 19, and am 231 lbs. Also, i play linebacker at a university in Canada. I am aware these numbers are quite weak, and that is why i am posting them. I am looking forward to posting new, much higher ones by the end of the summer.

I plan on training with a program similar to one coach Joe Defranco would prescibe (i.e. modified westside) so i plan on focusing on my posterior chain, and max strength. Also, i am carrying a little too much fat on my stomach, so this summer will be the first time i am actually going to be serious about my diet. Like I said I play football so that is my main reason for lifting right now. I know this test means nothing on the feild but i only run a 4.89 -40, and as such i hope this summer will bring that along with many other qualities about my performance up.

Your comments, critism, etc. are welcome and appreciated

bench 350 (raw)
squat 350-400(raw)
dead sumo 550 ,conventional 535(raw)

havent maxed out in awhile so these are all probably a bit low. i just lift raw cause i dont have any equipment. when i decide to compete ill start using a suit/belt. until then im doin what im doin.

28yrs old

shall we add our goals for this year as well?
mine are

bench 400
squat 450
dead 600

cant bench right now cause i jacked my shoulder at work. over head pressing doesnt bother me so im working overheads and blasting my triceps-- and working the shit out of my back. hoping to maintain some strength in the bench. damn! i was headed for 400 too.

train hard,
ryan b.

Actually those numbers look pretty good for a 19y.o…
Nice work.

ryan b. yeah all my lifts are raw as well, no belt, wraps, suits, etc. And i like your idea about the goals.

Bench: 315
Squat: 475
deadlift: 500

by august 25, 2004


Deep Squat- 385 Deadlift- 435 Clean- 275 Bench 345 Pull-ups- 28 Weigh 205 Height 6’1 Age 18…This summer I am really going to focus on increasing my posterior chain to get my leg strength up! Four days a week of lifting, modified westside. Two to three days of running, basketball, or gpp. Hopefully by the end of the summer I can have a 440 deep squat, 500 deadlift, 385 bench, and 30 pull ups.

BW:175-180(181 class)
Box Squat(raw):290
Bench Press(raw, not comp grip):225
DL Conv(raw):350

Goals for next meet, at least 4 months.
400,300,425,1125(single ply gear)

Not too great but mine are:

Bench: 305
Squat: 350
Deadlift: 350

19 Years old, 195 lbs, 6 feet 5 inches

Squat- 385
DL- 385
Bench- 250
Hang Clean- 235


Will be adding to those numbers like a mofo this summer.

Forgot to add:

225 pounds
110kg Power clean

20 years old, 6’2, 225

Don’t really max out, but here are my best lifts for reps:

Squat: 420x6

Bench: 285x8

Deadlift: 405x5

Bench 385
Squat 505
Deadlift 435

Ht. 6’0"
Wt. 200
Age 41

Ryan B -
your squat # (400) is out of whack with your bench (350) and dl #s (550)

What’s up with that?

A little advice: set precise goals, and make sure your training to better you-yourself in your sport not your weight room numbers.

DAMN KIDS!!! man you guys are strong. dont quit.

major dan,

yeah it always has been. my dead is going to be pushing 600 soon my squats are low 400s at best. ive talke to big martin and some other guys who are in the know and they tell me its cause im a skinny bastard and aint got no leverage (ie , no gut to push out on and sit down into). thats ok though. i figure i can still take it a ways before i have to start supplementing with krispy cremes.
i dont use any suits or belt or anything and i know my numbers would be closer if i did. also, im talking about powerlifting legal squat, if i stayed above parallel i could do alot more.
side note: i got 225 for 3x3 with clean and presses the other day. not a true max but i havent done them in forever. trying to keep my shoulders and tris strong for when i go back to benching.

train hard,
ryan b.

I never max, but here are some numbers:

bench: rest pause 405 x 5
done 425 for 1 after heavy chest
probably could do 450-475

squats and deads: 315 for sets of 10. Bad knees so i refuse to abuse them.

good luck everyone and keep training hard and growing,

6 ft. 185 pounds

bench 295
squat 350
Dead 420

It seems like I have been stuck here forever, I coach baseball and since the season started my workouts and diet have gone to crap. I was progressing nicely until the season, now I’m just lucky to hold on to my current weights. Season is over in about 2 weeks, and ready to get back into working out.


age: 17
5’10 165#

numbers will go waaay up once i get out of baseball season and school and can start eating regularly. i’ve been following the conjugate(sp?) for 2 months and have seen great results and am expecting greater when i can eat regularly

Age 29 Weight 195lb Height 5’11"

Bench 285
Squat 365
Deadlift 440

Also clean and jerk 242lb and snatch 176lb

I want to hit 300 bench, 400 squat, 500 dead and snatch BW.

21 years old, 6’ 234 @ approx 9% bf, college football player…

Power clean: 5x5 325
Push Press: 5x5 275
Bench Press Max: Approx. 425
Squat: I don’t like to max out on squats but on Monday I did a set of 8 for 495, my workout partner admits that he helped me the last 2, so 6 might be even more realistic…

I started doing farmer’s walk after getting so pumped reading Brad Cordoza’s post… HOLY GOODNESS!!! I walked around the gym with the 100s in each hand to conclude monday’s workout and my body was HURTING Tuesday morning… hurting…


I know that having only bigger weight room 1rm numbers wont carry over 100% to the feild, but this is just something to gauge progress. I dont plan on maxing out all summer. Instead i plan on working in the 3-5 rep range for most major lifts, and higer (6-30) for assistance work. Along with tire flips, sprint, hill runs, technique work, etc. Any more suggestions or “tricks” for a linebacker would help though, althoguh i think the main thing is to just get at it!!!