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Max Lifts With Waterbury's HFT

I’ve been doing Waterbury’s High Frequency system and just got to the third week.

It seems like my deadlift and squats are really low compared to my upperbody. How can I go about correcting this or should I just keep lifting everything hard and it’ll all fall into place?

200lbs, 5’9ish" 21 years old

All 5RM
Back Squat 295
Bench Press 225 (235x1)
DB Kickbacks 25#db
Deadlift 315 (335x1)
Chip-ups bw+25#db
Hammer Curls 40#dbs
Front Squat 155
BB Military Press 155
Dips bw+30#db
Seated Cable Pulls 150x10reps (as high as the weight goes on the machine)
BB Bicep Curls 90

It just seems extremely disproportionate that I’m close to benching my back squat and i can military press my front squat.

This is far from bragging, it actually seems really stupid to me.

Let me know what I can do. Thanks all.

You back squat/bench ratio isn’t that bad. However I would work on your front squats, with your back squat number you should easily front squat at least 225. You numbers look good, keep it up and don’t sweat it that much.

Your front squat/back squat ratio is appalling. You should try to figure out why your front squat is so weak. It may be holding you back in the other lower body lifts.

One thing to keep in mind when doing something like HFT is that what kind of poundages you use will depend on Where in the workout you place them. Also, if you’re taking 60-90 seconds rest between sets, that’ll also effect your poundages. If you’re focused on increasing max weights, maybe something like Joe DeFranco’s WSFSB II would be appropriate. Either way, good luck reaching your goals.

the 3rd week is a max lift week with 3-5 minute rests, so the timing was right. i had just never seen my max lifts all written down on the same sheet of paper, so i never seen the differences. Good to know they aren’t that off, except for front squat.

The reason my front squat is so off is because we never did them in high school, I am the only person in my small hicktown that does squats instead of doing them on the smith or just doing leg presses, and I just started doing fronts this year, so I might have like 10 weeks of attempts with it, if that. They aren’t part of HFT except for max lifts, so I haven’t messed with them much lately. I’ll keep working on them, they kill my wrists.

I think his back squats are probably overstated - Front squats are rather difficult to do half assed - the position basically forces you to go to at least parallel. This is probably yet another reason why no one does them. They are rather humbling.

I would be interested to see him ATG that 295 if he is claiming all he can front squat is 155.