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Max Lift Question


In a couple of weeks, I'll be finished with a 8 week training program and want to test my max lifts. How should I do it to get the best lifts? Should I bench, dead and squat all in the same day? Is there any special order I should lift in?

Usually, I warm up with a few reps going up 50 pounds a time. Is that the best way to warm up? What about doing a few sets with light weights and than jumping up to my goals? I'm not talking about huge weights, I'm looking for 275 bench, 365 squat and dead.


It doesn't sound like you are training for a PL meet so why would you think the best results would come from doing them all the same day?
If you do 3 workouts a week start each workout with one and go through to max.
Or, try one each Monday for 3 weeks.

Well about warmups.
10 min cardio or something to get the blood flowing

Do 10 reps of what you could do 20
Do 6-8 reps of what you could do 12-15
do 3-5 reps of what you could do 8-10

keep tight--good form--feel it-prepare your mind

then I like to do 1 rep at about 85% max. You know you can do it but it just seems neurologically better than the big jump from say 200 to 300. You pop in that 1 rep at 265 or so.
Wait 2-3 minutes and put 5 more lbs on the bar than you think