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Max Growth Cluster Sets Programming

Hey Thibs. I was wondering if you could look over a little «program» using max growth cluster sers that i put together, im after maximum size gains.

Monday: Rest day/Cardio
Tuesday: Wendler row Max growth Cluster and light shoulder work
Wednesday: Rest day
Thursday: Incline bench Maz growth cluster and light arm and back work
Friday: Wendler row: 12, 10 8, 6 20 rep scheme and light shoulder work
Saturday: Bicep curl and tricep extension Max growth cluster sets
Sunday: Incline bench: 12, 10, 8, 6 20 rep and light back work

The idea is to stimulate the muscle with max growth cluster sets on day 1 and do the 12,10,8,6,20 rep scheme on day 2. Might do this for 6 weeks. Do you think this would work?
I also thought about doing mechanical drop sets on day 2 instead of the 12,10,8,6,20 rep scheme.
Thoughts? Thanks!