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Max Growth Cluster for Assistance Lift?


Could the Max Growth Cluster technique be used on a big assistance lift? Or is it mainly used on the first main lift of the day?
I was thinking about
Squat- work up to 3 RM
Front squat- Max growth cluster

Bench- work up to 3RM
Incline- Max growth cluster

Thanks for any help


I believe the original article written by Coach Christian Thibaudeau about Max Growth Clusters says it could be used for ANY exercise, and I think your plan is a pretty good idea actually. I might try this myself in fact. First, you ramp up the nervous system with heavy weights and you then do 3 sets of max growth clusters at around 85 % of 1RM. Seems like a pretty good way to stimulate strength and size gains without spending a lot of time in the gym. This all might only take like 30 minutes with a warm up. Maybe add one or two isolation exercises and you’re good to go.
But lets hear Christian’s thoughts on this though.


Has anyone else tried Max Growth Cluster for an assistance lift?