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Max Fat Per Meal

In a P/F meal, what is the max amount of fat you should consume?

This depends on how much you weigh, and what you are trying to do in terms of gaining or losing weight.

For example, if you are trying to get 3000 calories per day in six meals, that’s 500 calories per meal. and if you want a minimum 50 grams protein per meal, that’s 200 calories from protein per meal. That leaves 300 calories from either carbs or fat. And with a P+F meal you want to limit your carbs to about 10 grams (40 calories). So from fat, you want about 28 to 32 grams of fat. That’s a lot of fat, so make sure it’s good like from fish or olive oil. These are all +/-. I’d personally do more protein and limit the fat a little.