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Max Exercises with Full Body Workouts?

I wonder if you can keep adding excersises with a full body work out?

With i mean with that is: Take the bench press, then take 2…3…4…5… different ones for the chest, then go do the lat pull…and again do… 2…3…4… etc

whats the max? is there?

Well a full body workout kinda entails working your whole body in that session I believe… So are you saying putting alot more different exercises for chest in terms of variation in the workout session itself?

If that’s the case your gonna burn out by the time your done with chest and not be strong enough to hammer legs or back type thing. You gotta plan your goals. Like what is your goal with a full body workout? Time constraints? Fat loss?

Its has to do with time and indeed, fat loss

and yes, putting more different excersises for chest in terms of variation in the workout session itself.
Now I do 2 for chest, I was thinking about 3/4

I do, 4 for back, i was thinking about 5, arms and shoulders i want to do 2, and legs i want to go to 3/4

are you gonna be working from a circuit? this might minimize the fatigue u might get from working one body part strictly x times in a row and will minimize time in the gym.

instead of a full body workout in a day you might explore a basic A-B split. so for example day A you might hit shoulders, bis, back, some legs. Day B you might hit chest, tris, more leg work. Might be better for what you’re describing.