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Max Effort Warm Up Percentages

to unsure beginners such as myself, jim wendler provides the following as a guideline for warming up for a max effort lift:

1x5 @ 50%
1x3 @ 60%
1x2 @ 70%
1x1 @ 80%
1x1 @ 90%
1x1 @ 95%
1x1 @ 100% or new PR.

my question is, could these same percentages (50%,60%,70%,80%,90%,95%,100%) be applicable to a 5RM attempt, rather than a 1RM attempt?

for example:

1x5 @ 50% of 5RM
1x5 @ 60% of 5RM
1x5 @ 70% of 5RM
1x5 @ 80% of 5RM
1x5 @ 90% of 5RM
1x5 @ 95% of 5RM
1x5 @ 100% of 5RM

would this work?

also, what are your opinions on this guideline?

Wendler’s is fine. there is also an article on here that discusses it. search for it.

well , it would definitely warm you up , but thats a shitload of reps before your 5RM attempt .

I wouldnt do it like that . but I dont write articles for EFS either .


and if I were attempting a 1RM , I wouldnt take the 95%

Personally, I’d do it more like:

1x8 @ 50% of 5RM
1x5 @ 70% of 5RM
1x3 @ 80% of 5RM
1x1 @ 95% of 5RM
1x5* @ 100% of 5RM

  • do as many as you can

A setup similar to this has been working quite well for me on all my compounds for the last few months.

hitting your 1rm on the seventh set seems about right. Hitting 5rm at seventh set? …eh.

I’d just go for a ramped 5x5.