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Max Effort Vs Dynamic Days

Hey all,
I’ve been working with a max effort day and a dynamic effort day. and i feel that im missing something. So let me lay it out for ya.

max effort day 1

bench warmup 2-3 sets 5432111
board work after that for 3-4 sets
t-bar rows same as above
chinups 5x5
bar dips 5x5
close grip 5x5
rope pulls to the neck 5x5

day 2

front squat 5432111 after warm ups
squats 5432111
clean @ push press 5432111
rack pulls 5432111
good mornings 5432111

dynamic days same as above at 50% max
bench done with chains.
I’ve set new pr each week on max effort days since starting this. so im thinking if I should add 2 dynamic days to everyone max effort day instead of one max one dynamic and repeat. so what do yo all think.
thanks. Mike

So what you’re saying is that you’ve hit a PR on every ME day… and you want to change something?

No don’t go messing w/ the formula. If you need to you can space the 72 hours out to 96 hours but keep the ME w/ one DE workout for both Bench and Squat.

Thanks for the replies
I guess what im worried about is pushing to hard and getting injured. not much rest in between max and dynamic days abou 48 hrs Im only taking one day off a week at the moment. but ya im jazzed about the new pr every week
my bench and squat are approaching the lower end of the respectable range.
bench 300lbs this week
squat 335lbs
not great but a start