Max Effort + Volume Combo (Jean-Francois Caron)

Hi coach
Just finished reading your article about the strongest gym in Canada, loved it, I’m curious if your stance on the max effort + volume combo they do has changed? (Love doing max effort work 2x a week 1 for upper body another for lower body)

What do you mean by “my stance”?

Do you still support/utilize it, or do you think it is too draining to it every week like they do?

I never recommended it. These guys are freaks. And do what it takes to be among the strongest in the world… if you know what I mean.

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Do you think it would make it better to switch the max effort to a 2RM and then the 5s? Like the layers with only 2 layers

I remember reading this article, this is my favourate way to train but it is more like multiple sets of 5 early on in a volume type block, then ramping to 3’s,2’s,1’s into intensity block. Do these freaks rotate main lifts in a conjugate type setup or mostly keep the main core lifts?

The max effort, or 2RM + sets of 5 is great. It’s all the other volume they do that is too much for most

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