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Max Effort Variations

For those of you that use the max effort method,what are your favorite squat variations?Also what are your favorite assistance movements for the squat?

Variations: Front Squat, SSB & 3 Second Pause Squats
Assistance: Glute Ham Raises, Bulgarian Split Squats

Thanks for the response Brian.What are your thoughts on box squats as a max effort movement?

I like them as long as there is an actual pause on the box. But I honestly haven’t gotten as much from them as I have from the Pause Squats.

I see.I’m thinking of a set up like
Box squat different height each week(occasionally some gm)
Paused squat for a rep pr
Upper back and grip

I’m a fan of keeping the implement the same (safety squat bar) and just using a different ROM each week. It’s a slight enough variation to not get burnt out in my experience.

Assistance movements for squat

Reverse hyper
Ab wheel
GHR sit ups

Thanks for the reply.There’s a piece of equipment that I can might use as a reverse hyper so if it works I’ll probably live on it.I also plan on doing a lot of hypers to a piece of equipment we have that has you parallel to the floor.For abs I’ll probably spend some time on ab wheel,although I hate it to be honest

I like high bar box squats to varying depths, SSB free squats, and high bar narrow free squats.

The best assistance I’ve found is arched back high bar goodmornings and Bulgarian split squats.

What arched back GM basically means is that your essentially doing a Romanian deadlift with the bar on you back.

My comp squat is wide stance low bar in chucks.

Unfortunately I don’t have a ssb but I’ll give high bar gm a try for 4-5 weeks