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Max Effort Training


Hi guys, just wondering, would changing your max effort bench exercise working up to a max of 3-5 work if you dont have a ME and DE day?? For example if ur routine has chest, back, legs and a shoulder day. ME exercises being floor press, incline, decline, close grip BP etc. Or should a DE day be added into say shoulder day which consists of delts and tricep work


Train movements not body parts if your goal is powerlifting.


Ive seen a number of 3 day powerlifting programs that have back days like deadlift, pull up and rows?? Anyway can u change the ME exercises to increase ur bench? Im not competing just want to put up my big lifts


Go back and run the 5/3/1 program like you were originally going to do. I honestly think that best and you're really overthinking everything.


Still running it, this info isnt actually for me, im having good gains will the 5 3 1! My mate has been doing 5 3 1 for a few years and has good gains but now he wants to mix it up, im asking for him


Ok pigeon chest


Those 3 day powerlifitng routines aren't using ME/DE methods. Why bring them up?


Someone mentioned that u dont work parts u work movements



Please don't break the quote function. It makes things difficult.

You can do anything you want. That's what makes this country great. However, if you're trying to follow the Westside method of Maximal Effort training, I would suggest following ALL of the method, rather than applying the buffet approach.


Not so much the Westside method, moreso the WS4SB method


You realize what the "WS" in "WS4SB" stands for, yeah?


yea lol didnt explain it. WS4SB has RE with speed work as an option but mostly choose a weight and get as many as u can do with that weight for 2 sets. WS has just speed work. Im also not a fan of doing heavy over head pressing after doing some sort of benching


WS4SB is also not based on muscle group splitting, so you STILL wouldn't use that.


yes im aware, i never said i wanted to do that. for a muscle group split can i change my ME effort and do dynamic effort on shoulder day? only compound movements except facepull or dumbell power cleans, some front raises on ME day and side laterals on dynamic


You've said this in two or three threads now, if you're attempting to insult me it's not working. Find a better line.

Why don't you just have a ME/DE day? Stop thinking in "shoulders, triceps" etc. You can throw front raises on ME day and side laterals on dynamic, read over the westside training manual and you'd see this. They may say front raises for higher volume on ME day and lower volume on DE day but you can throw the exercise on either.

Also Westside has a RE option as well...


No, again, follow a method completely, don't just take certain principles you like as though it were a training buffet.


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You obviously never read Westside Book of Methods which means that you never grasped what Westside/Conjugate Method is and the program is just going to piss you off and confuse you. Sorry but that's the truth.

Run 5x5 or 5/3/1.


5x5s the best