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Max Effort Training Frequency


How often can I test my maxes on the the benchpress squat and deadlift?


someone... i forget who (unfortunately)...

said the answer ranges from 'next time you train' to 'never'. or something like that. partly it depends on what your max is. i'm sure when andy bolton tests his max deadlift he needs to rest for much much longer than me lolz. beginners, on the other hand, can hit a new max (aka: linear progression) each and every time they train... for quite a while.


dare i ask...

what does your program say??


Extreme workouts can occur every 72 hours for most people. That is just a guidline and everyone is different in regards to work capacity and recovery capabilities. I know for me, personally, that recommendation is spot on. I wouldnt suggest just maxing out on just bench and deadlift though. You will stall very very quickly.


Well thats just the thing...Im designing my own workout and thats why I want to know.


Well then... What do other programs say. In particular, programs that are designed for someone of about your level of strength development / training age?

(Since you don't tell us this information it makes it kinda hard for people to advise you, I would have thought)


Take 5/3/1, doing max effort work basically 4 times a week on each of the 4 main lifts, add in your own assistance stuff, what you feel you need to work on and if you want to it be more strength accessory stuff or bodybuilding/hypertrophy exercises.
Program done.

It's really not that hard.


Rep PR max effort work or 1 rep max effort work?

What does the 5/3/1 for powerlifters say??

Um... If you haven't looked at programs which have been shown to work so you know what they have to say about how often it is useful to max... Then what are you doing trying to design your own program?? Why not go with what people KNOW works... Then when you stall on it / want to mix things up a bit try tweaking just ONE thing and seeing how that suits you??

Otherwise. The answer is 7.638 days. Unless there is a full moon in there. In which case 8.543.


louie simmons - westside barbell book of methods (2005)
that is all.


Sounds like you might be better off following a pre established and solid program.




Do you know of any good power lifting programs? My weightrrom is open Mon-Fri From 2:30 to 4:30. Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated.




Best book on training I've got. If you're into powerlifting you don't need anything else.


There is a difference in 5/3/1-ME work and testing 1RM. I belive the OP was refering to 1RM


Thats exactly what i was referring to. I wanted to know about 1RM frequency.


I think its the texas method that has you attempting a new rep max each week. now its not always 1rm, but 2rm, 3rm, and 5rm.