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Max Effort, Speed, and GPP

Ive been working out for a whille now, making great gains, but every now and then ill run accross max effeort day or something like that and i dont understand it, i usually train heavy 5 days a week, 1 to 2 bodyparts a day for about 3 or 4 weeks then 1 week of lighter weight then go back to heavy.

I was reading G-flux by JB and i came accross this… your workouts might include 3 weight training sessions per week, 3 high intensity interval sessions per week, and 3 low intensity aerobic sessions per week. Or you could do 2 max effort (heavy loading) sessions per week, 2 dynamic effort (speed lifting) sessions per week, and 3 GPP sessions per week. Can someone explain?

Im not sure but what i get from it is, in a 7 day week 3 days are weight training, the 3 other days high intensity intervals, and 3 days are low intensity aerobic? Or in a 7 day week 2 days are heavy loading, 2 other days, maybe 2 diff. bodyparts are speed lifting, whille the other 3 days are GPP, whicth sounds kinda good actually, but im not sure if im right or wrong and dont want to spend time making up a program and it be totally wrong, or worse spend the time doing it and making no gains. Id really appriciate help at clearing this up, and maybe give me an example to clear it up too. ( sorry it being so long)


search the articles for the periodization bible and max effort/dynamic effort work will make alot more sense

[quote]JNeves wrote:
search the articles for the periodization bible and max effort/dynamic effort work will make alot more sense[/quote]

Yes do this its a must read that series it will all be clear.

Not to bump the thread back up, but just wanted to thank you 2 for responding.


You aid the program you are working on is still giving you gains… so y stop? So just change it up. Dont fuck with whats not broke!

Mike T-

It sounds like you are using a bodybuilding split. Unless you are a beginner, using steroids, or are blessed with great genetics, going heavy five days per week might be overkill. The fact that you have a deload week every fourth or fifth week is probably what’s keeping your gains coming along. Now, there are many different protocals you can follow, from high volume to high intensity to high frequency. As you learn more about your body you will gravitate toward the style that works best for you and your goals, but it is good to try out all different styles over time.

The template in which you are refering was started by louie simmons from westside barbell club I believe. Now many strength coaches, athletes and powerlifters are using the template or a modified version of it. Go here and read up.


Thanks for all the helpfull information, helped me out alot.