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Max Effort Parameter Question


I have a question involving Max Effort workouts. The traditional Westside method of max effort as according to Jim Wendler's articles is:
1x5 @ 50%
1x3 @ 60%
1x2 @ 70%
1x1 @ 80%
1x1 @ 90%
1x1 @ 95%
1x1 @ 100%

This is supposed to be based on Prilepin's Chart? However, Prilepin's chart looks like this:
55-65%, 3-6 reps per set, 18-30 total reps
70-75%, 3-6 reps per set, 12-24 total reps
80-85%, 2-4 reps per set, 10-20 total reps
90%+, 1-2 reps per set, 4-10 total reps

Why is it that the max effort parameters indicate 2 reps at 70% instead of 3 and 1 rep at 80% instead of 2? Also, why does Westside advocate having three lifts over 90% when according to the chart, 4 to 10 reps should be done at this percentage? Thanks.


Prilepin's table was based on olympic lifts, which as you know require an initial application of force for a short range and then requires the lifter to move around the weight, these lifts requires good technical ability. The powerlifts require more absolute strength and more lifts at or above 90% are necessary to teach your CNS to accept and establish the new strength.


One word: overanalyzing. For one thing, Prilepin's chart was created with the Olympic lifts in mind, and they are more of a guideline than a set in stone parameter. When you work up to a max effort, you are just trying to get in at least 3 lifts above 90%(your own personal recovery capabilities will determine how many you should go for, as well as experience), you don't follow Prilepin's chart all the way up, that would be if you were only working in the 70% zone for that exercise for example(and for the olympic lifts for that matter, you wouldn't take a benchpress and work it in the 70%-75% zone for 3-6 reps, too much weight for speed, and too litle volume for hypertrophy. It doesn't really matter how you warm up as long as you accumulate sufficient volume and take safety into consideration.

Quit thinking so much and lift. When I did Westside 2 years ago, my biggest mistake was overanalyzing everything and I took a big step backwards. If you are a total beginner, try to get as manyu lifts above 85% in as you can without overtraining, and make sure to focus on hypertrophy as well. By the sound of it, dynamic effort method might not be vital for you at this point, but I could be wrong.


I think that the sets up to 80% are considered as warm-ups. That would leave you 3 total reps at or above 90%. While this still doesn't meet the 4-7 total reps as indicated in Prilepin's chart, both this chart and Wendler's recommendations are just that... recommendations. If you hit the 90%, 95%, and the 100%, go for a little more... and you will now have 4.


What i have learned by reading thre WSB stuff then going to the gym and keeping good records is my last ramp up is under 90% of my PR.

I will go to the PR and maybe one more higher if the PR feels good. Then i take 90% of my highest weight that day and do a downset triple, then drop to 80% of my highest weight that day and do 2 sets of 5. Prilepin's table has ranges and an optiaml rep, but you have to go do it. Every once in a while i don't follow my own guidleines and do more singles and no downset.

You have to just do it at a certain point.