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Max Effort Lower Body with Basketball

so i was reading Eric Cressey’s blog and he recommended doing a maximum effort lower body movement followed by a basketball game, and then after the game come back to the weightroom to do assistance work. A schedule like this would greatly help me maintain and improve my playing skill while still improving my lower body strength.

What do most people think about doing something like this? the running would be minimal for me because it’s light pickup basketball for about 45 minutes.

It sounds like a pretty decent idea. Doing the ME work prior to a basketball game won’t affect it nearly as much as doing the assistance work.

could i still gain strength if i’m eating right?


Doesn’t sound like it will affect your training too much, I’ve heard of a similar setup being used with other sports before.

It would all depend on lifting experience and type of lift. Most basketball players have very little if any lifting experience.

atg squat. and ive been lifting for a couple of years, but i usually only have a small period of time that i can lift due to basketball games. aau all spring, summer league with school and then like one month at end of summer followed by two months of school year. It’s real tricky

I would do some dragging.

reverse hypers

ab work

Make such you work on hip mobility. That is key to keeping knees and back healthy.

I couple sets of heavy step ups are good as well.

Or two sets of 6-8 lunges reverse or back foot el,

The dragging is good because it builds strength but does not beat your legs up much.

I like doing pin pulls with my guys during the season. It keeps you taller guys in a good position. As much as I love squats. If you are playing alot they can be very hard on body especally if you are doing max effort try doing 65% for 2-3 off a slighthy higher box this will not beat you up as much.

Try and pick a team that plays less it will pay off down the road.

I wish basketball was more like football with a longer off season.

All my kids deal with the same issues you just have to listen to your body eat like a horse and do the best you can

Alot of my guys will lift right after a game as well.

Give it a try and see what works for you

thanks alot for the input, i really appreciate it

squat1000b700, when doing sled dragging for strength gains, do i want to sprint or do a brisk walk. could u possibly outline how to use the sled for strength, speed, and conditioning?