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Max Effort Lift Advice


Hey guys,

I was wondering with your strength programs, how often you perform a max effort single?
I just pulled 385 in conventional deadlift for a shakey rep about a month ago and have been working on speed and form since then. I just pulled 365 for a triple for a 20lb pr last week...
I really want to hit the milestone 405 next week but was wondering if a month between max effort is not enough time. What are your thought?


I will say that most on this site gear their training towards hypertrophy which means they are in the 5-12 rep range mostly. I like to train really heavy (3 reps and less) every six weeks or so just to keep my strength and to stimulate my body.

Read some Tate articles on powerlifting programs and how to cycle (your lifts).


You'd prob get better advice on going for 1 rep maxes in the powerlifting forum.


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It's tricky to tell as everyone is different. I've found that weeks in between max effort deadlift is needed and almost never pull for a PR outside of a competition. You just hit a 3 rep PR. I'd Back off this upcoming week doing 2-3x3 easy reps. Then hit a few hard sets of 3 the week after but not 3RM and then following week go for 405. That's my Opinion on it, I consistently do well in pulling during competitions.


If you can pull 365x3 you should definitely be good to go for 405x1, do it next week.


I could do 405*10 without being good for 440 at one point...so if you haven't trained heavy it's gonna show.


One thing to have in mind is this: using touch and go max in calculations, will probably give a max that is higher than the real one... Whether you like it or not, by not doing every rep deadstop, there will be always some momentum that will make the weight fly easier from the ground.


Squat down to an 11 inch box with 80% of your max for 12 sets of 2 with a yoke bar. that'll get your deadlift up.


Just using myself as an example. 2 months ago I pulled 561 x 1, a few days ago I did 561 x 3.

It boils down to this, try it out, if you get it you get it, if not you fail, no sense in failing the lift before you even attempt it, get in there throw those 4 plates on the bar and pull. If you miss it you'll get it eventually.


Thanks for the input you guys! I'll go ahead and give it a try tomorrow (Monday) as that is my deadllift day... I'll keep you all posted and i'll put up a video so that you can tear my form all to shit... Thanks again


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Nice!! Thanks Austin.


Thanks to everyone for your advice and thoughts

Pulled 405 today for a 20 lb PR


Nice, but repost the vid, embedded link is broken.



Sorry had to just put the website down... it wouldn't post the actual video...
Thanks again for everyone's advice

405 deadlift @ 196 bodyweight