max effort help

In the “westside for skinny bastards” article, when it’s giving you your max effort workout it says this:

“A. MAX-EFFORT LIFT ? Work up to a max set of 3-5 reps.”

I’m unfamiliar with westside, but if I remember right the way they do max effort days is by starting with a low weight and gradually increasing until they reach their max.

I’ve looked all over elitefts and t-mag for an article describing this method and how to do it, but i’ve been unable to find one. So if anyone wants to go ahead and give me a link or describe to me how to go about this, it’d be a big help.


Look up the periodization bible part 2 by dave tate here at t-mag and it will give you an example of working up.

Westside for skinny bastards is designed for beginner lifters. When you have reached a decent base of strength you can start moving up to singles. But as the article says most beginners just don’t have the mass necessary and the technique to be strong. Elite is as the name suggest mostly geared towards the more experienced PL’s, so alot of these guys programs would annihilate the beginner.

Wek I agree with creed. Just re read the WS for skinny bastards article. It has proven to put some serious muscles to those who have used it. From your posts it sounds like that’s what you are craving to get bigger. Following that program will lay you a nice foundation of muscle so if you want to move into a Westside program you can hit the ground with your feet moving. There are a couple of great articles on the elitefts website about high school training and Westside training for football. I believe they are in the misc articles. Check them out. Jimmy Wendler played D 1 football at Arizona