Max effort bench ideas

I’m looking through the exercises for max bench day, and I can’t really find what I’m looking for. Aside from floor presses, is there anything that helps build the bottom portion of the press? I’m doing lots of rows to build the lats, now I just need a max bench exercise to help me right off the chest.

I believe Dave Tate’s “8 Keys” articles contain some excellent tips for improving your bench from the chest.

One of them is low pin presses with the bar right at the chest. Don’t forget DB work as well.

Explosive speed is also VERY important and a off the chest weakpoint is an indicator that you need to work on this (it’s my weakpoint as well). So, speed, speed and more speed work is needed.

bands and chains baby, bands and chains

Thanks for the replies. BOBU- as I’m new to Westside, I thought that I’d stay away from contrast training until I had more experience with the system. Patricia, you’re absolutely right, speed is a major issue for me. I spent years in the slow tempo camp, so training for speed is still kind of awkward. Thanks again.

Me bench-

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Me GM-

Me Dead lifts-

Paul, don’t worry too much about the experience. As long as you know the basics to benching, go right ahead and start implementing the bands and chains.

I just started training westside at a great gym and they had me on the bands and chains within the 2nd week of work.

Compensatory acceleration is stressed very well this way.