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Max Effort and Dynamic Effort


Is there any physiological reason you cannot due max effort and dynamic effort training in the same day on the same lift?

  1. I wouldn't have the juice to give both DE and ME 100% of my efforts.
  2. Overtraining


I've always wondered this too. Cause wouldn't doing a max effort exercise before the dynamic exercise make the dynamic exercise seem super light?


in westisde, the max effort is you are strainign for each and every rep from start to finish, unlike bodybuilders who focus on really straining the final few or couple reps of their sets. To finish up a 5RM ME day where you are fighting for every rep of that final 5rm and then going and doing a DE 7x3 or 8x2, I can't imagine how'd fried you'd be. instant overtaining in my opinion.


what they said.....


Pick up James Smith's High/Low Manuel.

He incorporates ME+DE in the same day.
Just don't do ME bench press + DE bench press.


That's what I was thinking. DE squat and ME bench or vice versa would probably be alright.


I think a true max effort would leave you too wiped after to give 100% on dynamic effort lifts. However, Pulling heavy (~90% 1Rm) singles right before a dynamic effort action always helps me.


There is to be 72 hours in between the DE and ME workout to allow for the central nervous system to recover. To do anything different would be a deviation from the Westside system. It is highly if not totally based on CNS recovery hence the rotation of ME exercises every week. Beginners are able to stick with the same exercise for longer than the one week because their nervous systems aren't as well developed as an advanced lifter. Check out Dave Tate's and Louie's websites for more info.


Nope. Many systems have had tons of success with complex training- alternating between fast reps and heavy reps.

It would probably be tough to do a true "max" though.

Maybe something like:

1.) 90% x 2
2.) 50% 4 x 2 for speed
-rest and repeat-


great replies - thanks guys!


I dont think dynamic effort bench really helps you enough for me to worrying about doing ME and DE in the same day. Therefore i do max effort to a 1RM one day and then i do a rep day to a max 3-5 and sometimes throw in a speed day once a month or so.

But i dont feel you would get the same benefit if you didnt do DE squats on a seperate day. I know alot of guys that don't squat twice a week, but they alternate heavy squat and deadlift days. Like this.

Week 1
de squat
max effort deadlift

week 2
max effort squat
de deadlift

So it can be incorporated successfully that way. And i've also seen guys that will do max effort for a few weeks, then do speed squats for a few weeks. They will work up a little heavier than normal speed squats, but not to a max.

So it can be incorporated, but i would do it for the opposite lift instead of the same lift.


Hell, why not do them both in the same SET. I can't see any physiological reason why you can't.

I personally do my bench press and squats together in a single set. I am not talking superset. I bench at the same time as a squat, rep for rep. It was hard at first realigning the gravity, but you can't get more functional training than the almighty squench exercise.