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Max Deadlifts?

Why is it that when alot of people perform max deadlifts their form is bad (their back is hunched) when they use proper form on their normal sets. I know this is the case for me. I thought that proper deadlifting form was supposed to be the best pulling position and give you the best leverage. What muscle weaknesses might be present if one can’t keep proper form on a max deadlift?

Maybe you haven’t done enough total reps to reinforce proper form, so you fall back to screwed-up motor patterns when presented with a really challenging weight?

Just a theory, I do the same thing, so I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers.

Its hard or almost impossible to maintain scapular retraction on a maximal load for a DL. Your upper (thoracic) back can be rounded some, but you wouldn’t want to have your lower (lumbar) rounded, that’s when you are prone to injury.

Check out some of EC’s DL videos. You can garuntee that he wouldn’t be using this form is it was going to rape his back…

Maybe I’m just lucky, but my form is pretty much the same(good) 300lbs through to 530lbs. My comp lifts look like my training lifts, just slower lol.