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Max Deadlift Form

just tested my max today, i did 5 reps with my old max of 315 with very clean form then hit 365.
This has been a very good week, hit a pr every day

My form on the 365 wasn’t exactly great though and i was wondering how much form should you compromise to lift heavier?

A max deadlift attempt, for me, doesn’t really affect my form much, if at all. Last Tuesday, when I hit a new PR, I stalled mid-lift and I could feel my back starting to round a little (or start to give in, I’m not sure) - and it did - but I continued and completed the lift. My back didn’t hurt at all, or anything like that, so maybe it wasn’t so bad.

Anyway, I can’t really give any advice other than: if your form is seriously suffering then don’t continue with it. If my form was really bad from the start, that’s probably the one time I would bail out of the lift personally. Of course, if you feel pain, abort.

Your form will be slightly compromised on max lift attempts, but it should still be good enough as to not cause injury.

Thanks woot, really helpful answer, my upper back deff was rounded but no pain at all.

Specific for deadlifts, I know there was an article by Poliquin (I think) saying that he doesn’t recommend ever trying to 1RM your deads, since it’s so damn stressful for your back. The exception is if you’re a competitive powerlifter. He recommends doing no less than 3RMs for deadlifts, which is still well in the range for strength development.

That said, I know it’s fun to hit new PRs, especially on heavy lifts like deads and squats. Personally, I never compromise form to complete a lift, and I recommend the same for you since you’ll have very little chance to be injured by doing so.