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Max Contraction System

I was wondering if anyone seen John Littles article in this months Ironman.
He has a program that is supposed to be the best way to train for a natural.
He says studies has shown as much as a 16 lbs gain in lean muscle mass in 5 weeks.
The thing is you do no reps. Instead you use movements that give you the best contraction and you hold the weight in the contracted position for 45-60 sec.
He says to use leg extensions for your thighs. You would get a weight and hold the weight with your legs straight out for 45 sec if you can hold it as long as 60 sec then you need to add 5%.
Again most movements are isolation movements such as pulldowns,cable crossovers ect. You only do one movement per bodypart full body everyother day.
I have tried 3 workouts and you feel like you have done high volume sets and reps and the pump is unreal. The thing is will it build muscle? Seems to good to be true. He also has a book comming out on this system.
Has anyone heard of this? What are your thoughts?

what do you think?

It’s crap. I tried something similar (Static Contraction Training, also in Ironman like 6-7 years ago) when I was younger and more foolish. Don’t waste your time.

i myself tried it and noticed a huge pump too
tried it for shoulders n arms-only real soreness next day was shoulders