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Max Contraction/Power Factor Training


Has anyone tried these styles of training, or anything by John Little and Peter Sisco (I believe those are their names)? I've flipped through their books, and noticed each one evolves from their experiences with the previous style. Some of it seems fairly similar to CT's isometrics, and the yearly training setup seems to fall in line with most of what I've read on this site, but I've never seen it mentioned, even to be bashed like with HIT, with which it shares a disdain for volume. I'm sure it's like all training methods in that it only works for a while, and probably shouldn't be the basis of an entire routine, but I was still wanting to hear any and all opinions and experiences.


Take their mathematical equations used in Power Factor training, use full range reps, train more often but stagger the volume, and don't train to muscular failure.

That would be pretty damn good. Ignore the rest of the stuff, it's crazy.


In other words, CW's Total Body Training.