Max Chin-Ups


I have accomplished 31 dead hang chins in a row last summer at a Marine sponsored tournament. I am now wondering if I should train with some weight to actually increase the size of the muscles involved, or continue to perform higher rep sets.

What sort of training would you recommend that could get me to the 35 to 40 chin level, regarding sets, reps and weekly training frequency? Also, what execises do you suggest as good supporting movements for Chin-Ups? I train my entire body as well on all the basic movements.

I appreciate the time you have devoted to this forum. Any advice would be welomed


i read about a pyramiding technique where you do 1 chin up, then a partner does one, then you do 2, and then him, and continue this until you hit you not you max but have one rep left in you, then start over and repeat for as many pyramids as youd like or can handle. I havent tried it, but as far as improving endurance the theory makes sense

Congrats on your pull ups! Thats awsome. I have been experimenting with TUT pull ups. This of course requires a spotter. I try to go for a minute. I figure at your level you could go for two or three strait. Anyway, this has bumped my numbers up. 31 reps in one shot is awsome though, I have a new goal…32.


That is pretty damn good. I did 25 before, but 31 is something else.

How many one-handed chins can you do? I would imagine you can knock out more than a few of those.


I have done 10 one handed Chins before, but I don’t really spend much time training like that.


10 one-handed chin-ups is pretty fuckin’ awesome.


Have you ever tried doing a two hand two finger Chin-Up?

You wrap the index and middle finger of both hands around the bar and see how many you can do. I have done 11 like this. When you master that try just using the index finger of each hand. I have only done one this way. It is extrremely difficult!


That’s unbelievable. I’ve never done it but I’m gonna give it a try. You’re a bad mofo, Zeb.

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Zeb that’s pretty sick. Back in high school I almost had the record for my senior year (28). Unfortunately, this kid who was literally about 5’1 beat me(36). Fortunatley, my dick probably resemble the length of his arm so I’m not bitter.


Guys that usually weigh in light do well with Chin-Ups. My nearest competitor in last summers tourny did 28 Chins. He could not have weighed more than 160lbs. His body fat, on a guess was probably 7%-8%. I weigh in at 188lbs. My body fat at the time was about 9%-10%.

I think if I cut just 2% body fat and continue to train hard I might be able to hit 35 to 40 Chins.

Have you seen this article:

? :slight_smile:


Thanks for sending the link to that article. I remember that article when it first came out, and it was helpful to reread it!

Thanks again!


Have you ever looked into poliquin’s pullup programs? He had a couple of them, a gymnast routine. It was the first place I’d seen subscapular pullups, and Andre the Flying squirrel pullups.