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Max Calorie Deficit on Test?

I am curious as to all of your personal opinions on cutting while running test. I’ve Never taken the plunge to see what’s “under” all the fat. Running 400mg/week test c. What’s the max deficit I can do WITHOUT loss of muscle mass. Currently on 500-700 lost 2lbs over the last ten days. Roughly losing at 1% a week.

39 y/o. 5ft 11. 202lbs. Roughly 15% BFP ( second an is starting to show). 6/1 split no cardio.

You can go pretty deep (that’s what she said) on supraphysiological levels of test. At least 1,000kcal deficit is possible.


Does it ever make sense to cut on a test cycle vs just naturally cutting?

When you cruise and blast yes, since you’re always on. Plus the mindset that that you have to have a surplus to put on muscle is behind me. Recently have become enlightened that this isn’t the case. Just the mindset of get big eat big is silly to me. To each his own though.

Yes, there are some pretty good reasons. Cutting while not on Test can lead to significant muscle loss whereas cutting while on Test can help to maintain that muscle mass along with maybe adding on new lean muscle.

The more muscle you have the more calories needed to maintain. IF you go into a deep calorie deficit, while not on Test, the body will think it is in distress and burn muscle before fat in order to survive. Being on Test can help prevent a lot of that muscle loss.

You think free t topped out range is enough juice to go into a deficit? Or you think a little more? I’m on TRT, and would eventually like to run a blast, but I think the smarter thing to do is shed some body fat first. I’m 208ish and around 16-18% BF, like dexa scan, not internet bro percentages :joy:

Edit: the clarify, obviously you can be in a deficit at any test level :joy:, I’m speaking in terms of an aggressive cut while maintaining most muscle