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Max bench vs. Max Close Grip bench

Just curious how everyone’s 1RM max for wide grip bench presses compares to their close grip (12" apart or so) max. Raw lifts please.

My close grip(14in) is about 88% as much as my normal grip(when I bench raw I bench with a pretty close grip, pinky on rings)

wide grip my 1RM is 265.
The narrowest I go is thumb/index finger at inner ring.
I’ve done 225 for 2 reps. Never tried to max out completely.

quite a big difference:
flat bench:~450
close grip: 335 for 5 or 6 reps

sorry guys, i refuse to max. If i cant do a weight for at least 5 reps, then i cant handle that much weight and need to go down.

mine are closer together, 295 close grip 330 wide.

i’d like to pretend this means i have strong triceps but my sticking pt is about 5-6 inches below lockout.

mine are very close as well.

Thanks for the responses guys- I just started Westside about 5 weeks ago and my bench already went up 10 pounds to 315 (index finger on ring, wide grip.) But yesterday I did close grip benches on my ME Bench day for 1RM and did 315 too, with a pause and everything! That’s index finger on the smooth part, about 12 to 14" apart I guess. Maybe its the big Starbucks coffee I had just before. I only drink coffee before my ME days so maybe it just gave my brain the boost or something… oh well, I wonder if my bench will be like 335 next month? Ha!