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Max Bench Press Form Check


Would appreciate any suggestions on form at 275 lbs because I have been stuck at this weight for nearly 5 months now. My squat and deadlift have improved slightly but it's my bench that just won't friggin go up.

Do you guys think my back is hyperextended enough? Does my scapula look retracted enough? Do you think my elbows are tucked in close and how does my grip width look?

I've never touched gear as of yet but I am hoping to max out my strength before starting.

I have anavar currently but I'm not stupid to do an oral only cycle. I'm waiting to get some test and PCT drugs and that will take a couple of months so there is time to improve naturally I think.


Honestly, that is not a good angle for a critique.


ahh fuk, should've gotten a side shot. Just needed the camera man to spot me too just in case.

I'll see if I can get a better video.


I would suggest posting the video in the PL forum as well. That will get you the best critique of your form.


Pretty hard to say anything about form. Grip width looked fine, unless it causes you a lot of shoulder pain but you'd have to make that call yourself.

If you haven't heard of smolov jr, you should look it up and run through that routine when you have a chance. It's great for busting through plateaus


Ha ha ha come on man.
You have got to be trolling.
Well played.
Do you own any non Papa John shirts?


You don't need drugs.

Start here


Also, your form currently sucks. Start over. Your routine probably sucks as well if you have not seen a change in 5 months. Get a better program.


I typically train at 8x3 at 90 percent of my 1RM and bench 3 times a week.

I have heard of the Smolov Jr. routine and I think it looks really good as part of a strength routine. I will probably try that out for 6 weeks and see how it goes.


I have run in a lot of 10 miler races sponsored by Papa John's and they give away free T-shirts.

I have not trained with bands or chains before but I like the idea of increased resistance past the sticking point. Seems like it would give you an edge over just using a barbell.


This is BBing son, your 1RM will have no effect on the physique you build.


OP I think you need to find some of the big guys in your gym and ask to train with them, some people just need guidance when it comes to BB you like are that kind of person(no offense).


Are you going bald? Maybe you should start a thread about your hair......

Also that was the most BRO bench I have seen in awhile



You want to increase your bench, yet do the same movement at the same intensity and same volume 3 days a week every week? There's your first problem.