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Max Bench from Pins = Regular Max?


I was under the assumption that in a regular bench you have a stretch reflex
which would enable someone to lift more as opposed to from a dead stop, any one
had experience with this, like your reg max BP was more than your max BP from pins, or
it didn't matter?


that is correct, but you also have the advantage of a shorter ROM off pins. It really depends where your strong points are.


that is correct, but you also have the advantage of a shorter ROM off pins. It really depends where your strong points are.


I never really done pin presses untill a couple days ago, the depth in the power rack at the gym I use was perfect for me, the bar sunk about 1/4 inch into my chest so it wasn't to unconformable. I guess thats true about it being an individual thing, but I was assuming in general that somebody's reg BP would be more than there concentric only BP? I did 275# off the pins and struggled half way up but got it, so maybe my reg BP would be 300!!? yay


Basically your max bench is what your max bench is. It might be more, it might be less. Once you know both you can often make a pretty solid guess. Ex : max pin press 275, max bench 300. max pin press 300, max bench is probably 325 or in that range.

This is why you write stuff down.


Pin press = Rack lockout like that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTQNABC8tYU&feature=related ??


Pin press is put a bench in the power rack set the pins to where the barbell is on or slightly above your chest, but it depends on ROM you want to work on, is that what your asking?


yeah, sorry I didn't see the video posted.


Your primary movers still "contract" when you lower the bar, so they are doing work in the eccentric. The loss of energy from that coupled with shorter range of motion will mean a lot people can pin-press more.


I can't even dead bench what I can close grip. I don't like pin presses b/c they jar the hell out of my joints so I stick to boards and floor presses.


there are alot of variables with all of this stuff but for the most part, pressing off of pins that are the height of your chest is going to be harder than taking the same weight out from the top because of the stretch reflex.

I don't know if anyone has ever used one of those old universal gym bench presses that start you far below your chest...once you got it up, bringing it back down to the chest and pressing it wasn't a big deal, but starting out of the hole was hard as hell.


Sure one regular bench SHOULD be more, unless one does a wicked long paused bench..My best dead bench off the chest so far is 345. My best paused bench is 395. My best dead bench from a 2 board height is 365 my best 2 board press is 415 as I dead bench higher the gap closes.