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Max Bench Difference: Wrist Wraps vs No Wraps?


am thinking of competing in World Police and Fire Games in sept(kind of like Olympics for cops and fireman)..was going to do the push/pull portion and in the rules no supportive equipment besides a belt..no knee sleeves, wraps,super suits,bench shirts or wrist wraps...just wondering what the peoples difference is with and without wrist wraps...just doing this for fun-not worrying about winning just wondering


I have no idea . I've always used wrist wraps with my top end sets . I'm more interested in the protective aspects .


Yeah, I don't get anything beyond less pain with wraps. Silly to prohibit safety equipment that doesn't really add to your lifts (but permit belts, which really do add to your lifts...).


just to echo everyone else, probably 0 pounds as long as you're good at keeping your wrists straight. It's more of a way to prevent pain. It is strange that they allow belts, as they add serious poundage to your DL


I agree and have never benched above 315 w/out wrist wraps(but now will have to train and strengthen them)...never thought of them as a major help just less pain and helping wrsits stay straight... have recently hit 345 x 3 paused reps with no shirt(no serious powerlifting training)-but had hit 420 for a strict pause(no shirt but wrist wraps) at the Police olympics a few years back to take a bronze(winner blew me and silver winner away by over 165lbs)