Max Amount of Reps on PR Sets?


I read 531 2nd edition and wanted to try it out and I’m now wondering if I took the starting too light part too far and am doing too many reps. Basically, on the first week of the first month my reps were 16 in bench, 15 in deadlift, 13 in press and 14 in squat and on the first week of the second month my reps increased even further (despite adding 2.5 kg on press/bench and 5 kg on squat/deadlift). So my question is: is it too many reps? What should I do?


Just keep running it as you are, those numbers will go down eventually but as long as your form is really good you will benefit. To hold solid form for that many reps is a challenge in itself which will translate nicely to heavier weights.

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This is probably a good sign.