Max Amount Androgel Can Raise Level?

My total T is 586 while on 125mg T cyp per week - I have an rx for androgel along with rx for more Cyp. How much androgel per week would it take to raise level 100-200 points ( I want to see how I feel at that range to find my sweet spot ) btw I have more androgel then cyp - if I had more cyp I would go up to 150mg per week - I will also plan to adjust my anastrozole - my E2 is 20.4 now and that seems fine

Can androgel be of any benifit to a person using injections

The two are additive, but as always, one’s absorption of transdermal T is unknown. However, androgel may disproportionately increase E2 so what you feel may be different from what you expect. Will also increase DHT, good for libido, bad for hair loss in those with genetics for that.

You cannot compare how you will feel with injections+transdermal VS injections alone even at the same T levels as FT, E2 and DHT will be different.

If thyroid is a problem, you may not absorb very well.

Thanks KS - I did want a libido boost , I can adjust Anastrozole to combat E2 - I will experiment for a bit