Max Absorption of Protein

Every once in a while I’ll see a thread pop up of someone asking how much protein some can absorb(or make use of) at any given meal. Is there any real limit? I know some people have thrown out absurd numbers like 25 grams(without ever consider even bodyweight) or something like that.

No there isn’t. Too many factors involved for anyone to remotely put a figure on it.

Can the 110 lb grandma in the corner of the gym lifting 2 lb dumbbells who eats twice a day absorb as much as the 280 lb heavy training 7 times a day eating bodybuilder? Not even close in my mind.

Create a large enough demand for it and the body will adapt to a pretty good degree to warrant a large supply.

How could you ever test something like that?

That being said, does it even matter? Out of all the macros, overeating protein would be the least of my worries

Echoing what Scot M said, it will be absorbed if it’s needed. It will be needed for repair if you lift heavy weights, and will especially be in need post-workout.

I know Dave Barr has recommended up to 100 g during/post workout, and Cy Willson, even in an article where he argued 1g/lb of BW is all you need, said you should consume 1/2 of that post-workout. So if 2 guys in the know advocate above and beyond 100g at a time, I’ve a pretty good feeling that it’s not for show.

totally depends on how much you’ve been having regularly, what kindve training you do, when your last high protein meal was.

that said,i just ate 24oz of ground beef. could have definitely been too much, but i set a PR on everything i did today in the gym, and have been overeating in spurts like this for the last couple weeks. seems to be working ok.

try it and see if it does for you too