Mavs Win


All hail the Little General and the Dirkster. We’re going to the finals.


All hail The General. A man’s man. The new version of Napoleon. Small body but nothing but heart. What happened to the supposed MVP he pull a dissappearing act? Where did he go? Or did they name the wrong guy? You see that German blond guy take over, like a true MVP…Miami watch out.

Mavs baby!!!

Mavs all the way! Miami’s no pushover though.

this is going to be one hell of a series. Though Dallas is the deeper and more talented team, for some reason I see Miami coming out on top.

I know that through their careers they’ve been guys that people “love to hate”…

But it would be cool to see 'Zo and Payton win it (and Shaq)…BUT

It would ALSO be way cool for Avery J. to win it.

Should be a GREAT series!


I almost forgot about Pat Riley!

The point is, that whomever wins, there will be a great “story-line”.

(P.S. I could do without the MAVS owner, though!)