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Mavric - The Beginning

I suppose we all need to make a start somewhere, looking at the shape I’m in it’s definitely clear that I should be considered a beginner at this stage. I will be on leave till next year so I will bravely add my details and check in again in 10 days from now.

I thought I knew a lot about training and diets and boy was I in for a wakeup call. This is a fantastic site and I will definitely try to logon as much as possible to learn what I need to in order to reach the top.

My update:

93kg (205 pounds)
Fat %: not sure

Let me start by giving you my goals, diet, supplements being used and my training program :


I need to fix my knee and ankle injuries and improve my power to body weight ratio. I was a sprint athlete and hard work is needed for me to get back on track.

Diet: (more or less on a given day)

Breakfast 8:00am

1x cup of oatmeal

Brunch 10am

1x chicken breast
1x raw carrot

Lunch 12pm

1x chicken breast or 1 can of tune (with no less that 40g of Protein)
1x apple

Snack 2pm

1x peanuts 50g

Late snack 4pm

4x eggs (excluding the yellow)

Dinner 6pm

Lean red meat or Chicken 150 - 200g
Cooked vegetables (any two of the following: pumpkin, spinach, mix vegs, raw cabbage) or any salad.
1xSlice Low GI bread with Cheese tomato or cheese and peanut butter

During the entire day

+/- 3 L of water

Supplements: (more or less on a given day)

1x 45g of EAS whey protein (after training)
4x Zema-Test (ZMA mix) (2 before training and 2 after)
1x scoop Shock Therapy? from Universal Nutrition (before training) - Creatine mix
1x Crea-Blast (after training) - Creatine mix


CW’s TBT - I started this routine about 10 weeks

I was pretty close to my goal in 2003 when I was still able to train hard . Unfortunately in life you will always be faced with many mental and physical challenges. Stomach ulcers and too much acid in my blood got the best of me about 3 years ago. This caused some annoying problems that affected my health to a level that my weight dropped from 84kg (185 pounds) to 73 kg (160 pounds). My gym days disappeared for about 3 years because I developed tennis elbows, tendonitis in both forearms and this problem I’m still dealing with, the runners knees and weak ankles.

My knees and ankles are slowly but surely becoming stronger and hopefully soon I can start jogging and sprinting again. I have not trained my legs in the last 3 years, next year I know I can start again. I will defeat the odds and stand up to be a stronger man, or should I say T-man.

2003 - work in progress

late Oct 2006 10 weeks ago

Des 21 2006 - update upper body

2006 Des 21 - update lower body

One More - Des 21 2006 upper body