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Mauro Di Pasquales : Metabolic Diet


How can a diet like this one (or other similar diets) be used for mass building? I was under the impression carbs had an anabolic/anti-catabolic effect. The carb loading days seems far to few and distant to gain muscle.




Dr. Pisquale has a q&a segment on his site that deals some with this topic. I believe he mentions one bodybuilder who just eats an extremely high amount of carbs and calories during the weekend carb up....something like 10 thousand calories per day. Also read chris shugarts "eat like a man" articles as the anabolic diet is very similar to the metabolic diet.


Ive started eating all protein and fat meals except for during and after my workout. and the first meal after my postworkout meal has some carbs. Ive gotten stronger and a hell of a lot leaner.


Goldberg, could you elaborate on your diet? Specifically, your stats, calorie intake, macro ratios or amounts, and also results, training type and progress, mood and function throughout the day. I'd appreciate any input you have. Thanks in advance.


Im admitedly not very scientific when it comes to diet. I have four shakes a day which have around 70 grams of protein with about 15 grams of fat. i add 3 grams of epa/dha capsules with each shake. i also eat two meals of either red meat or chicken. If i eat red meat ill add some cheddar cheese on top. I lift three days per week and have three cheerleadig practices per week. The cheerleading practices are not that strenuous anymore so there isnt much of a caloric deficit caused by them. I havent noticed any change in mood. i was a little pissy last week but it had nothing to do with the diet. I dont really count calories but i do make sure that i get over 300 grams of protein a day. when i started dieting i weighed right around 240. Now im 231. im seeing my abs again for the first time in over a year. i dont do any cardio and my weight training is very brief and basic.