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Maurice Clarett

What do you think? I have mixed feelings.


One the one hand, if it’s ok for basketball and baseball, why not football too? Fair is fair.

On the other hand I think it sets a bad precedent. I think 18-21 is still a little young for most guys to be on the field at the pro level. Three extra years of hard work and maturity after high school isn’t really a bad thing.

Having a guy like Clarett in the league will work out for the NFL in the end. When he gets “hyped”, drafted and killed in the pros…the NFL won’t even have to justify it’s rules. Maurice Clarett is a good athlete, but as anyone in the know understands, one good season doesn’t mean your pro material. Clarett does belong in the NFL though…after all, he is a thug.

if you can play, you can play period!

what if during those three years he injures his knee and can never play again?

if you can get into the nfl and get paid then more power to you.

and anyone that says “oh no, you should go to school first and become more well rounded” is a freaken idiot!

I say he should be able to play, age isnt the only factor in ball.

You gotta look at what Maurice Clarett did his freshman year. He was injured. He injured his shoulder and that shows you that he physically wasn’t ready for the nfl. He’s a big back 6’ 230 pounds, but he’s a pounder. He is a between the tackles runner. I know he can get outside sometimes, but that isn’t his running style. He’d better do something about his shoulder, because it’s gonna take a pounding next year when he gets to the nfl. He hurt his shoulder playing against college kids. Look at what could happen in the nfl.

You can’t use baseball or basketball as a basis to argue the NFL’s rule because there is conciderably less contact in the aforementioned sports. While you have to be in great shape physically no matter what the sport, football requires this to the higher end of the spectrum. The rule should not be changed to accomodate Clarrett. If they start letting in the younger players because of a fear of lawsuits, this has the potential to create more lawsuits when some of these younger players get injured. This rule has stood the test of time and should not be changed because one player can’t stay out of trouble long enough to finish 3 years of college.

At first I figured that this would ruin the NFL, as it has with the NBA. Then I realized that the only thing that is going to get ruined is the young player. It is unlike baseball and basketball, where you can sit and wait and develop for 3 years. As a previous post pointed out, Maurice has already missed sometime due to injuries. Plus his maturity level is way below alot of the NFL players. If alot of teams were afraid to take Randy Moss, then I am sure alot of teams will be afraid to take Maurice.

I think the rule will probably stand on appeal. I think there are a lot of 25/26+ y/o linebackers who have “paid their dues” and would be looking for a shot at some kid coming right out of high school and making the big bucks.

And no one will ever convince me that a 28 y/o guy who’s been playing for a few years isn’t going to just flat destroy an 18y/o kid. I don’t care how big and tough the 18y/o is, almost every guy on the field is going to be alot tougher.

I think there’s a clear difference between football and basketball or baseball in terms of the physical maturity needed to play. The current NFL system serves the best interests of the high school player by not allowing Ray Lewis et al to kill him before he has added the muscle mass and bone density he will surely add in college. This ruling will be overturned anyway, though, because the three-year waiting period was a negotiated part of the CBA and thus not subject to antitrust in the first place.

Funny, how some people complain about these youngsters in pro sports and yet not think it’s too young to go to war.

Anyone who has watched and followed the career of Maurice Clarett knows that he is not ready for th NFL and that he will not pan out. Im a diehard OSU fan, so I know whats up…

Furthermore, you wouldnt be an “idiot” to suggest that if Clarett had stayed and put in another season or two, compiled amazing numbers, won a heisman and ANOTHER national championship…that he would make far more money in the long run. Theres a big difference money-wise between the #1 pick overall and a 2nd or 3rd rounder.


That’s one of the greatest non-sequiturs I’ve ever seen. Most of us believe that having to go off to fight and die is generally a bad thing. It is, however, also an unavoidable thing when it happens. The NFL doesn’t compare to it in any way. On the one hand, you have fighting to protect American interests, while on the other you have a job that will still be there three years down the road when you’re more physically and mentally prepared for it.

heh, most rugby players play for their country at an international level in the 18/19/20 range if they are very talented. I am fairly certain those guys take a pounding too.

I’m not complaining, I’m just saying what’s up. If he’s good enough to play in the nfl, then he should be there, if he’s not, he shouldn’t.

I don’t know if any of you all listen to the Dan Patrick show on ESPN Radio, but yesterday he interviewed Jim Brown, who has been in Maurices corner since the onset of this suit.

He claims that he (Clarett) is a phenom, and would do well in whatever he decided to do. He then went on to explain that OSU isn’t opening their doors to him (yet) and if and when they do they better be like “we want and need you back” rather than “you’re allowed to come back under these conditions.”

Clarett is a problem child phenom or otherwise. I’d rather draft a less talented back with a legitimate, proven work ethic.


There are a lot of NFL players that come into the league very young Clinton Portis is a smaller back and he came into the league and he was only 20. A lot of people always talk about what a person can and can’t do, but 2 years from now who knows Clarett could be the Super Bowl MVP and then everyone would be kissing his ass.

The purpose of the rule is to get these kids to go to school and get an education so once there short lived career is over then they have something to fall back on. My personal feeling is that the world would be a better place without professional sports, that is unless the athletes who are in the public eye turn them selves around and quite acting like thugs and start acting like real people and take resposibilty for their actions.

Mitch Green

Too young and lacks the physical maturity to not get hurt in the NFL.