Hey everyone! So sorry to have given the "silent treatment’…I just returned from Maui last night. It was fun, and my first time there. All went well except for yesterday, we decided that we’d fill our day with a trip on the Road to Hana, a day spent swimming one of the many Black Sand Beaches of Hana, then a drive back to the Kahului Airport for our 8pm flight home to Oahu.

Bottom line: I got sick about 2/3 the way into Hana on the windy road to Hana. Tried to “man up” at the beautiful Black Sand Beach. Saw lots of black crabs, neat fishes in the dark murky water. It rained there, and I love the rain, it was beautiful.

Hana is such a small, tiny, isolated town. Its biggest business there is the Hana Ranch- oh, and the itsy bitsy Hana Airport. It has a town center which is the size of 1/2 of a small shopping center. There were nice houses there, as well as many, many gorgeous waterfront estates and many many large, custom ranch estates on sprawling pasture hillsides overlooking the ocean. I wondered what people did to survive there, as there really isn’t industry, businesses, etc? People must either go there with their millions, or have lived there all their lives on property that had been passed down from generation to generation.

Back to the car sickness. I had a diet soda and felt a bit better, so we headed back on the almost three hour drive back to civilization. That’s when the fun really began. At least my stomach was relatively empty and I only dry heaved! And the friggen Vertigo…can you say “Ralph” a hundred times fast??? OK, I’m done whining. Just want to illustrate the point that we’re NOT doing the Road to Hana ever again!

Maui’s a big island. So much to see, I can’t even describe in one day. It’s soooo lush, tropical, beautiful. It’s very different from where I live on Oahu, as Oahu is very densely populated. Maui has long expanses of just lush, tropical Hawaii-ness. And a lot of old history is everywhere, especially in Lahaina.

Speaking of Lahaina, Maui, I loved Lahaina! It’s so quaint yet full of everything you can imagine- Art, Shopping, Restaurants, Walking Tours, Historic Sites, Sailboats, the Ocean. The town itself was once the imperial center under the Kamehameha dynasty…remnants of the Kamehameha house still remain there. Centuries ago, ancient Polynesians arrived via canoe to Maui via the Lahaina port. Then after Captain Cook’s arrival in 1778, circa 1800, caucasian Missionaries and Whaler’s began arriving. At one point in the mid-1800’s there were up to 400 ships docked and 1,500 sailors in Lahaina town at any one time. One can imagine the drunken mayhem in 1800’s Lahaina. We even visited an old, empty prison there that was used to lock away out of control drunken soldiers and Hawaiians for the night, until they sobered up…sounds a bit like the ER, eh??

The highlight of my trip…well, I love Hiking. While we didn’t know our way around very well, we did find something so breathtaking…the 'Iao Needle. It’s in the mountains above Wailuku, and the site of an ancient battle between Hawaiians in King Kamehameha’s quest to unite the islands. The needle itself, a steep mountainous rock formation, many warriors climbed and hid, in order to escape the wrath of the King. Many of those whom weren’t successful at hiding ended up their bodies clogging the flowing stream nearby, there were so many bodies and so much blood that it’s said the waters ran red for days.

We ended up walking around the site, and found a pool at the bottom of a waterfall, where we went swimming in the icy, crystal clear water. That was indeed the best part of the vacation…cooling off in a gorgeous pool of fresh mountain water in one of the most paradise-like tropical places imaginable. Wow.


Ruins of an ancient hawaiian village in Hana

Sounds beautiful, girl. :slight_smile: Sorry you got sick. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a remote Hana black sand beach, the sand was black, the dirt was black and black lava rock was everywhere. Even the crabs and fishes were black.

By the time we got to this point, I was looking at starting a fire on the beach, cooking these crabs and dipping them in butter.

Another black sand beach area in the same bay…there were many remote, untouched black sand beaches.

A pool along the cliffs of the Hana highway.

One of the many waterfalls and pools along the long, winding Hana highway.

Stiking a pose…VOGUE. J/K…just hamming it up at the Hana Harbor.

The 'Iao Needle. Amazing that such a gorgeous place was once the site of such a fierce, bloody battle. Before the battle, it was a successful village where taro and other fruit and vegetables flourished.

View of the town of Wailuku from the 'Iao Valley

Ten toes in the Black Sand

[quote]ThatGirl77 wrote:
Sounds beautiful, girl. :slight_smile: Sorry you got sick. :P[/quote]

Thanks, Carrie! Wish you were there!!! Hugs!

I am gland you enjoyed Maui. Did you check out the Seven Pools…I forgot the Hawaiian name. I turned back into one reqular haole.

We used to bomb off that 70ft bridge into the litle pool below.

Good times. the road to hana is beautiful indeed, but the view on the “backroad” round the other side is truly awe inspiring.

Road to Hana is a beautiful drive. Most of the pics we took while on Maui are from that side of the island.

We continued on past Hana and went around the southern side back towards Haleakala and Lahaina (against the rental car map’s instruction). What a contrast. Were some hairy spots, but very cool to take it all in. Remarkable stuff.

You guys are lucky!!!

We drove all the way through Hana, but several miles before the seven pools, the road was closed because of the Earthquake damage. We would have walked in but had a plane to catch, but the Seven Pools was our goal/destination. Bummer.

We’re already planning on going again, but by flying into Hana rather than the drive, and the Mr. and his friend are going to bike the road to/from Hana while me and my girlie friends walk to the seven pools…skinny dipping in a hidden pool is definitely on the list of things to do, so is a hike.