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How does one know if they have reached full maturity? Is there a way to tell? Serious answers please, i don't want to hear stupid shit.


Do you have pubes yet?


x-rays of your knees.


The average age for 95th percentile physical maturity is 19. By 22, 'filling out' has occured, and no more growth is to be expected.

Obviously, there is occasional variance.



bobo, you take away all the fun when you tell us to be serious.

Seriously, though, what do you mean by "mature"? We don't want to answer the wrong question.


It's when you can wear pull-ups right?

Neuroscientists have reported that the frontal lobe of the brain stops growing after age 26. This part of the brain controls a lot of decision making.
So if you're not mature by that age you're pretty much screwed--unless you enjoy drinking, gambling and going to strip clubs to get lap dances from L'lita...


I knew Goldberg would chime in with something "silly". What i mean is that i have stoped growing. I have passed the hieght of both my parent by far, mom is 5'11" dad is 6'1", im 6'5", i have filled in quite a bit. About 4 years ago i was 6'2 230 and 20% then i slimed to 195 6'5" 3 years ago. Stayed there for a while. Until this past yea when i started to lift. I have filled in but im not sure if that is due to lifting or getting older, i know some of it's lifting. Would you guys say i stopeed growing. I have not gained height in 2 years.


How old are you?




i thought it was when you stopped popping boners everytime you see a chick?

oh wait, im 27 and i still do that. oh well back to the drawing board.


im 19, i think i'm fully matured


bobo, are you implying that you dont get boners when you see a hot chick? somehow i doubt that.


When hair starts growing out of your ears and the hair that is on your chest starts turning white. When college students start to look like junior high kids used to. When your kid borrows your Metallica CD and you get bugged because you wanted to listen to it on the way to the gym....oh wait, that isn't one.


At 19, there's most likely no more height coming. If it does, it will be very little.

"Filling out", however, can now commence. You tall bastard.


P-Dog, FYI i pop a boner every hour on the hour. When i see a chick i could even pop 2 boner for that hour. As matter of fact the more i see the more i get. I sometimes get boner when watching dogs hump. Ok who am i kidding, I ALWAYS get a boner when i watch animals hump.


hey bobo i just turned 21 not too long ago and i just stoped growing in height, i think anyway..and i'm now 6'6 205lbs. my mom is 5'10 and my dad is around 6'0-6'1 i think you might still grow a little more, maybe an inch or soo...but i think that your new growth and strenght is more then likely cause you've been lifting but thats just my 02.'s


now thats the kind of talk i like to hear. you know what sucks?

when your at the gym in your "training pants" (sweat pants like material) and there is some chick doing leg preses and everytime her kness come near her chest you can see between her legs in the mirror. that usually gives me a boner and then i have to walk around the gym looking like i have a cucumber busting out of my pants!

kind of like that episode of "jack-ass."


Dude, i ware boxer briefs to the gym, this way i can pop all the boners i want and they'll just be guided down my leg. Of course i cant do any leg exercises while errected.


from maturity to boners.


apparently I havent. . .
Today, a professor sent out an email to all the potential students in his Fall class, and also to the Mech and Aerospace Eng and Biomedical Engineering graduate student lists (*just incase someone who was thinking about taking the class could get the info). So, there is a response to the email.
'Thanks soooo much for all your hard work. We all appreciate everything you are doing." and some more verbal pole smoking. ..
Best Regards
Tony B

And he sent it 'reply all'. As if the 90% of the graduate student population gave a shit about the class in teh first case, and then why is this tony guy is thanking him on my behalf.

so I hit 'reply all'
Tony The MAE grad students would all appreciate it if you didnt hit reply all. Best Regards, Tim B.

oops. . . .Tony B is the graduate dept chair for Materials Science Engineering. I might be homeless next week.